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Wasps are particularly special from bees, because of the fact that they can sting multiple times as opposed to just once. There are many species of wasps that have different behaviours, but they all typically go dormant in the winter months and prepare for mating season in the spring.

  • Some wasps make up their nests out of wood that they chew.

  • Wasps that are attracted to meat are interested in the protein value that it brings. They chew the meat and feed it to their larvae.

  • Some wasps eat nectar, fruit, and tree sap, making them especially annoying pests to growers.

  • Anything that has sugar and carbohydrates are desirable to the wasp.

There are specific treatments for each type of wasp and it is imperative to first identify the species of wasp in order to treat an infestation properly. Contact your local Premiere Pest Control specialist for steps to treat your infestation.

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