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As you have no doubt seen countless times, squirrels are quite the expert acrobats. from climbing sheer surfaces to shimmying across beams and cables, squirrels do it all. Unfortunately, when it comes to breaking and entering, squirrels are perfect. When seeking food, water, or warmth, often times houses are seen as the perfect candidate for living.


Once inside, some may make the grave mistake in underestimating how much damage a small creature like a squirrel can make; underestimating a squirrel's damage potential is dangerous. Smashing, munching, and ripping are a few of the things a squirrel can do once in your home.

Squirrels often slash insulation, paper products, linens, fabrics, and even structures to gather materials for their nests. If the damage mentioned previously is not enough to make you fear such a pest, these creatures inflict enough damage to create safety hazards and other pest problems. Before this happens to you, call us today.

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