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Rats typically do not damage food stock by consumption, but rather by defecating on the food. Rats need to gnaw their teeth on things in order to keep their teeth down, so when heard, it is a telltale sign that there are rats in the area.

  • If rats are seen during the day, it can be assumed that there is a heavy rat population nearby.

  • Rats have big teeth and can administer a nasty bite when threatened.

  • The saliva of some rats can allow diseases to be contracted.

  • Even living among rats can allow for disease to be spread.

  • Rats leave dirt, dust, and grease in their paths, but can sometimes leave urine and scat in places unsuspecting. This rat waste is a common carrier of Leptospirosis.

Although there are many traps made today available for the public. it is imperative that rat pest control is left to the professionals. There are few species of rats that have similar habits, so any small error in diagnosing the situation can have serious results.

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