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Centipedes are a diverse group of Arthropods with a wide range of behavioral characteristics. When centipedes become a problem in your household, the first thing you should do is contact your local Premiere Pest Control professional and request an inspection. Things one should know about centipedes include:

  • House centipedes prefer damp and dark areas.

  • Though possible, centipede bites are rare, and their venom causes mild irritation. 

  • Centipedes are nocturnal carnivorous creatures.

  • Centipedes use the venom in their claws to paralyze other insects they prey on.

  • It is possible for a centipede to consume an organism up to fifteen times its size.

Reducing moisture, clutter, and other pests may reduce the amount of centipedes found in one's home, but once seen, it can be perceived as an infestation as centipedes are nocturnal creatures and move very fast.

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